Renovation of a brutalist building



Housing will be the third consecutive use for this concrete building 50 years ago. The flexibility and inherent robustness of this structure makes it resilient to these programmatic evolutions. The ambitions of this project are therefore to reveal this structure, as a flexible generic system, and to integrate the programme into it in a fluid and attentive, 'tailor-made' way. Our proposal revolves around these 2 interdependent axes: 1. the requalification of the existing construction as a structural and constructive system. 2. The habitability of this structure and the qualification of its new use as housing, in relation to nature and users. These two design axes are developed according to three scales of intervention: the neighbourhood scale (urban), the building scale (macro) and the detail scale (micro). Structure, nature and community are at the heart of the project.

With Carton123 architecten. Landscape : Hélène Mariage. Stability, technique and energy : JZH&Parnerts. Client : Municipality of Forest.