Evere Cemetery

Renovation of a cemetery and new entrance pavillion



Competition - First prize.

The new Evere cemetery is the second cemetery in the commune, its history is very recent and does not have any heritage value. Today it is undergoing a profound transformation. The second crematorium in Brussels is planned to be established on one of the empty divisions of the cemetery. Its functioning and its landscape will be profoundly modified. This metamorphosis is an opportunity to deeply transform the current cemetery. In keeping with the logic of the landscape intervention, the architecture of the building aims to deepen the welcoming character of the entrance. The reception pavilion, the depot and the external reception are grouped together in a representative ensemble. Marking the entrance and guiding the visitor, a colonnaded portico confers a welcoming and solemn identity to the ensemble. Close to the entrance, an enclosed garden encircling the existing birch tree provides a covered courtyard for external reception, sheltered from the weather and from view. This garden is in direct connection with the families' entrance to the reception pavilion. It is accessed through the colonnade, via a bay in the wall which provides soothing privacy for bereaved families. The depot is simple in shape and accessible from the side. This lateral access makes it possible to remain very discreet in relation to the path of visitors coming from the car park or walking towards the cemetery, via the colonnade.  The colonnade also includes the tap, which is staged under the portico, ensuring good visibility and perfect functionality for visitor.

With BUUR (landscape and masterplan). Stability : JZH&Parnters. Technics : GTD Engineering. Energy : Enesta. Client : Municipality of Evere.