Renovation of a house of 1962



The house is part of an ensemble of three pavilion designed in 1962 by architect Y. Loze, for a group of musicians. Originally intended for the mezzo-soprano Christiane VanAcker, the house was conceived as a glazed cabin nestled in nature. Successive owners have gradually altered the building by adding elements, until it is unrecognisable. The project aims to return the spirit and quality of theoriginal house, while connecting and transforming the half-buried garage into bedrooms. Parasitic elements were removed, and the vertical circulation was redefined with a stair-tunnel linking the different split levels, right down to the former garage. The topography regains its original character and reinforces the coherence of the whole. The garden has been designed following the concept of a naturalist punk garden, with hundreds of plant species. It stands so close to the house that there is no barrier between inside and outside.

Architect : Stéphanie Willocx & Mamout. Client : Private. Photography : Séverin Malaud. Landscape : Hélène Mariage. Contractor : Cédric Hogge Construction. Interior joinery : Haracina Construct