Mix use building for people



Competition - First prize.

Our aim for this project is to increase the public expression of the building by giving the façade back its former awning. We are also adding a public dimension to the building right up to the roof: a rooftop and a winter garden come as a gazebo on the avenue. A garden can be glimpsed from the main avenue thanks to the play of transparency. The garden will form the link with the other plots in the future development, which aims to group the buildings from number 1 to 11 on Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens into the heart of the block. The planned interventions will give the buildings a new aesthetic by accentuating their public expression both on the ground floor and on the roof.

Landscape : Hélène Mariage. Stability, Technics & Energy : JZH&Partners. Acoustic : DeFonseca. Client : Municipality of Forest